Pwn 03 CTF Challenge

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Could someone give me a hint on that?

Since you worked your way around the first two, it should be relatively easy to get your head around this one. Although I’m not sure how far you got, here’s a hint.
A few things that you’ll need to think or learn a bit about

  • Network services exploitation basics
  • Common & basic vulnerabilities in the world of exploit development
  • filtering & redirecting & searching through output in bash

I don’t know if I should answer here to prevent SPOILER.

I’ll try it without a SPOILER.

I managed to connect to the port and could enter something that caused an error.
But at this point, I’m blocked.

Are there some good articles that you could suggest me to learn more about it?

You’re almost there! Think about filtering & redirecting & searching through output in bash.

I need help if you can please reply